Manufacture and installation of self-supporting structures

Self-supporting structures are used in all fields: from building to specific sectors such as transport, airports, hydraulic and shipbuilding.

The name self-supporting structures itself shows that they must in some way transport and carry loads of varying weights, or perform given functions of automatic closing and/or opening, as requested by the customer.

For this reason, self-supporting structures can be designed as panels, as tank and cistern covers, with a flat or rounded shape for water purification plants, or as linings for tanks (round or rectangular).

Self-supporting structures made from fibreglass obviously benefit from all the qualities and specifications of this material, that is resistance to atmospheric agents, greater mechanical and physical strength than any other material and, not least, self-extinguishing and corrosion resistant properties.

Eurograte has a team of engineers able to develop any customised solution for the design of an industrial plant, successfully checking and foreseeing potential functional problems, thanks in part to the use of a 3D viewer.


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