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Ticomm & Promaco - Industrial plant engineering
Ticomm & Promaco, which has been active in many industrial sectors for over 30 years, can now offer innovative solutions in all environments where there are problems with corrosion and/or transporting aggressive fluids.

Eurograte® - Fibreglass gratings, profiles, ladders and fencing
Europe's leading manufacturer of monolithic gratings (moulded and pultruded) and fibreglass profiles, with a production unit in Italy. Self-extinguishing and corrosion resistant, they are used in all industrial and construction sectors for the construction of flooring, fencing and complete structures.

Ticomm Engineering - Industrial plants
Designs and builds turnkey fume and odour abatement plants in thermoplastic and composite materials using a wet scrubbing technique.
Compliance with customer specifications is combined with the efficiency of a complete service: from design to installation.

Ticomm Service - Transfer pumps and fluid dosing
Exclusive Italian distributor of pumps and measuring systems for aggressive and hazardous liquids, whether fluid, viscous or semi-solid, from well-known manufacturers such as Flux, Price Pump and Sondermann. Ticomm Service also distributes a wide range of PE-HD containers and joints suitable for connections and piping repairs.

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