EUROGRATE® products are the result of a selection of raw materials that enable the composite to maintain its key characteristics when in use.

The choice of quality certified materials, together with the know-how acquired by producing the composite for over 40 years, is the key step for obtaining the parameters listed below.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCECharacteristics GRP: chemical resistance

Resin is the component of a composite which is resistant to chemical erosion.
The resins in general use are (in increasing order of importance):

  • orthophthalic
  • isophthalic
  • vinylester.

Fibreglass composites can be used in applications from a simple environmental attack to severely corrosive environments, depending on the type of resin chosen.

MECHANICAL RESISTANCECharacteristics GRP: mechanical resistance

Glass fibres are the component of a composite that gives the product mechanical resistance.
The glass fibres in general use are:

  • Continuous unidirectional fibres;
  • multi-directional continuous filament mats;
  • synthetic surface veils.

Characteristics GRP: lightweightLIGHTWEIGHT

The specific weight of fibreglass composites (1.75 kg/dm3 approx.) makes it easy to move and install the product, as well as reducing the weight carried by supporting structures.

Characteristics GRP: self-extinguishingSELF-EXTINGUISHING

EUROGRATE® products are manufactured using self-extinguishing low smoke emission resins to reduce risks in the event of fire. The various resins are mixed with halogen free additives, free from chlorinated and brominated compounds, etc.

Characteristics GRP: electrical insulationELECTRICAL INSULATION

Fibreglass does not conduct electricity and the composites are thus ideally suited to applications where metallic materials would require costly earthing.
In some specific applications the product needs to be conductive. In these cases a special additive is used in the resin to give the compound this characteristic.

Characteristics GRP: radiotrasparencyNON-MAGNETIC

Fibreglass is a transparent material which does not interfere with electromagnetic waves, radio waves or radar.

Characteristics GRP: slip resistantPERMANENT SLIP-RESISTANT

EUROGRATE® GRP gratings are manufactured with a special anti-slip surface using integrated quartz grains to decrease the risk of slips and falls. The integration of the quartz grains in the surface of the EUROGRATE® panel, assures a long lasting durability and a superior adherence compared to any other type of grating even in presence of water, ice, oil or grease. The EUROGRATE® anti-slip surface is classified R13-V10 according to the DIN 51130 norm positioning the surface as the highest possible anti-slip solution.

Characteristics GRP: approvalsAPPROVALS

The official certifying bodies show the reliability of EUROGRATE® as a manufacturer. In over 40 years of manufacturing, the certifications shown in the section Approvals have been awarded to the EUROGRATE® technical and production department.

Characteristics GRP: approval e23 pultruded profilesE23 EN13706 APPROVAL

The structural pultruded profiles by EUROGRATE® have E23 certified performance, as they meet the requirements according to the EN13706 standard. E23 represents the highest standard for carrier assembly performance.

Characteristics GRP: AtexATEX

EUROGRATE® ATEX anti-static, dissipative and conductive gratings are available in all the usual meshes and formats in the EUROGRATE® range. What changes is the special formulation that EUROGRATE® R&D has developed and certified to the standards.

Characteristics GRP: durabilityDURABILITY

Thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of fibreglass, the composites do not need any special maintenance, even after many years of use in extreme applications. This automatically leads to cost savings over time.

Characteristics GRP: maintenance freeLOW MAINTENANCE

Metal gratings have a lower initial cost than GRP gratings, but considering the life cycle costs this is not the most economical choice, because of the high maintenance and replacements costs that occur once steel is corroded. EUROGRATE® FRP gratings have an incredibly long service life, they do not need scraping, sandblasting or coating even after many years of service, becoming more economical compared to traditional metal gratings.

Characteristics GRP: ease installationEASE OF INSTALLATION

EUROGRATE® GRP gratings are manufactured in standard panel sizes (see data sheets), customized sizes can be supplied on request. Light weight, easy handling and the possibility to cut the material directly on the site, makes the installation easy and decreases considerably installation costs. Since EUROGRATE® gratings don't contain metal parts, they can be easily cut without edge banding and no special protections on the cut edges is required.