Manufacture and installation of pultruded panels

Eurograte manufactures pultruded panels using state of the art technologies, which are used in many types of application, including tank roofs and covers for channels and access chambers, often replacing concrete structures.

Pultruded panels are used within factories as walkways, on level floors, mezzanines, and raised areas.

Various sizes and types of pultruded panels are available: those with a covered surface, for a complete seal, are suitable for covering tanks or large containers for liquids or gaseous substances, so as to completely avoid any leak or loss.

Pultruded grating panels with a grid structure, on the other hand, are often used to build fencing, walkways, floor coverings; they are used in the most appropriate way for each surface.

The panels are available in various sizes and it is often possible to cut them on site for a truly customised service.

Also, surfaces to which silicon grains have been added have exceptional anti-slip properties, complying with the DIN 51130 standard, while those with a concave surface but without the addition of these grains are cheaper and also effective.


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