Manufacture and fabrication of fiberglass structures

Eurograte’s industrial offer for fibreglass structures design is focused mainly on its properties of having excellent chemical resistance for an unlimited period of time, being unaffected by impact, practically non-deformable and, above all, immune to corrosion.

Fibreglass structures design provides excellent insulation from electrical and electromagnetic charges, and because fibreglass structures are self-extinguishing and non-toxic in the event of a fire, having emissions with a low level of toxicity, they also promote safety in the workplace, protecting employees from harmful emissions and high voltage discharges.

Fibreglass structures are also durable and ergonomic, and thus help to avoid workers getting tired from standing or walking on the structures in question while at work.

Another characteristic motivating Eurograte's commitment to fibreglass structures design is their ease of handling throughout the stages of manufacturing, installation at the building site and ease of mounting, thanks to the special couplings, thus avoiding the use of traditional metallic components which are often affected by corrosion and wear.

Lastly, fiberglass structures offer ease of loading, unloading and transport, since their weight is a third that of a comparable load of metal structures, a property which greatly reduces transport-related costs.


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