Design and installation of stairs with anti-slip stair treads

The anti-slip stair treads developed by Eurograte comply with anti-slip safety standards (classes R 13 and V10 according to standard DIN 51130), making them safe and reliable in practice in any industrial sector or situation.

In addition to the usual grating stair treads which have an inherently anti-slip surface, obtained by adding special silicon and quartz grains to the composition, Eurograte stair treads and stair tread covers can make any type of stair practically anti-slip, following the creation of special safety nosings, available in yellow, for application to pre-existing structures.

Anti-slip stair treads are thus an excellent way to resolve the problem caused by workers slipping, although for obvious technical reasons due to the base material, they do not protect from electric shocks.

Anti-slip stair treads can also be added to pre-existing stairs made of various materials (steel, concrete, wood, etc.), thanks to special stair tread covers, which can be applied using special grating clips, usually made of stainless steel.


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