EUROGRATE® is a well-established brand in the manufacturing of gratings and profiles, investing in research and development that enable it to optimize the production process.
EUROGRATE® provides value added services such as product customisation, design, assembly, bespoke cutting, a testing press and guaranteed agreed delivery dates.
The same distinctive characteristic underlies all EUROGRATE®'s key services listed below: a culture focused on customer satisfaction.


The automated production process makes it easy to manufacture customised products. EUROGRATE® offers a customisation service which goes beyond the colour of a grating - our Special Manufacturing Department can meet many of our customers' needs.

Design and Structural Calculations

EUROGRATE®, established as a leader in its field, has expanded its technical team and provided its design office with the most advanced automation systems: CAD, 3D visualisation, a finite element modeller and advanced calculation methods in the field of composites.
Our technical staff is specialised in corrosion and composite materials and can calculate and design complete GRP structures.

Assembly and Mounting[+]Assembly of a structure with profiles and grating stair treads

In addition to design, EUROGRATE® can assemble structures in its own specialised workshop, and ship the labelled material together with mounting diagrams. When required, EUROGRATE®'s specialist personnel can mount and test the entire system themselves on the customer's site.

Bespoke cutting and machining

In order to provide an increasingly custom-made service, EUROGRATE® offers a cut-to-measure service for grating panels, to make them easier to install.
Construction drawings are made by the technical office and submitted for the customer's approval. Once the panels have been cut they are marked to match the layout drawings.

5 axis CNC machine5 axis CNC machine for gratings production

EUROGRATE® has a 5 axis CNC machining centre for specific and innovative developments in the machining of materials. In this way we can satisfy the requests of our customers for machining, guaranteeing notable effectiveness and efficiency.

Technical team for consultancy and on-site verifications

EUROGRATE® has demonstrated its commitment to producing fibreglass gratings of the highest quality by installing a 20 ton press at its production site for the mechanical testing of its own products. The press is controlled and monitored by a computer that analyses stresses and deformations, showing them as a graph.
Our role as a successful manufacturer stands out most clearly in our ability to monitor and control product characteristics in response to regulatory requirements or specific customer requests.
Customers are often present at our tests, confirming their full awareness of our quality.
The EUROGRATE® is also available to carry out on-site installation checks for customers.

Delivery times[+]Fast delivery times with our own stock of gratings and pultruded profiles

Thanks to the investments made to improve the technology used in our production unit, EUROGRATE® holds a stock of gratings in a warehouse where there is a good supply of the standard versions.
The production capacity also enables very fast production times, which can satisfy our customers' requirements quickly.

In order to meet the needs of our customers and distributors, EUROGRATE® has increased the quantity of pultruded profiles in our warehouse, both structural and for additional elements. Most of the profiles are stocked in their usual safety yellow and also in grey.