more about GRP safety handrailsOut safety handrails are made in Italy using an exclusive pultrusion process (polymerisation of a profile pulled through a heated die) and contain up to 70% fibreglass, ensuring exceptional mechanical strength. The handrails are made of continuous directional glass fibres, giving them excellence resistance to impact and fatigue (overloading does not cause permanent deformations).

Fibreglass (FRP) handrails are lightweight, easy to install and cost effective, since they require no painting and are maintenance free. Eurograte® safety handrail is designed with standard modular elements to which a range of accessories can be added, making them adaptable to any need and easy to install.

applications for GRP railingsThe safety handrails are fully compliant with standard EN 14122-3, meeting the following specifications:

  • When a protection handrail is installed, walking levels above a height of 500 mm must prevent the fall of objects.
  • The minimum height of FRP handrail must be at least 1100 mm above the walking level.
  • The protection handrail must include at least one intermediate kneerail.
  • The maximum clear space between horizontal rails must not exceed 500 mm.
  • The toe-plate must be installed at a maximum height of 10 mm from the walking level.
  • The maximum span between stanchions must not exceed 1500 mm.

Fibreglass (FRP) handrails are made using a standard resin system: isophthalic polyester and standard colours: safety yellow or grey (other colours available on demand).

The safety handrails are made using thermosetting resins as a chemical-resistant matrix.
The matrix material is based on an isophthalic polyester resin system which binds with the glass fibres and gives the chemical resistance to the final product. Other types of resin are also available, such as vinyl esters, acrylics, and self-extinguishing halogen-free resins with low smoke emissions. The resin systems are all certified to AFNOR or ASTM standards.

The mechanical reinforcement uses unidirectional fibreglass filaments of E-glass roving.

Additional reinforcements and protection (the hallmark of EUROGRATE® quality)
Every EUROGRATE® pultruded profile is manufactured using continuous multidirectional glass mats that increase transverse mechanical resistance. A polyester veil is incorporated on the surface, ensuring protection from UV radiation and weathering.



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