Production and installation of industrial fiberglass flooring

Fibreglass floors are ideal for use in hostile, highly corrosive and potentially hazardous environments where traditional building materials are not suitable.

For this reason, special pultruded panels suitable for use as floor coverings have recently been developed, which can meet any covering need, depending on their appearance (covered or gratings) and the ingredient used to formulate the composite material.

Due to their initial cost, fibreglass floors are not normally used in the domestic sector, but they are the preferred choice for intensive use in industrial environments.

Fibreglass floors are made from a series of panels of various sizes and include standard, concave or covered surfaces, or special finishes to vary the floor's appearance and more importantly the safety factor, giving them anti-slip and self-extinguishing properties.

It is in fact possible to make totally anti-static and insulating versions of fibreglass floors, known as conductive surfaces, where no earthing is necessary, reducing the costs and installation times of any component.

Another type of surface which is available is called peel-ply. This solution is an alternative to the use of silicon grains, but it can only be applied on covered gratings and plate panels, so it is ideal for finishing a floor on a homogenous surface without hollows.


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