Pictures of the factory and the manufacturing process for gratings, FRP profiles, industrial fencing, vertical ladders, safety handrails and GRP structures.


FRP gratings manufacturing

Ticomm & PROMACO has manufactured monolithic gratings in FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) or GRP for over 30 years.

industrial fencing suppliers

Our production unit in Italy (4,500 m2) is on a 16,000 m2 site, with an additional 800 m2 of offices.

manufacturing vertical ladders

In the rest of the world monolithic gratings are manufactured using a manual process which makes it impossible to maintain constant product quality.

fibreglass gratings suppliers

100 tonnes of resins held in stock for a continuous production cycle

manufacturing industrial fencing

The formulation of the resins is controlled by a PLC and takes place in mixers with electronic weighing and remotely controlled monitoring

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The matrix material is managed using a PLC to prepare the recipe automatically, creating a product with uniform characteristics corresponding to the stated formulation, ensuring that potential errors are avoided.

manufacturer of pultruded profiles

The 24 hour manufacturing process requires a constant supply of continuous glass fibre roving

safety handrails production

It is manufactured using rotating moulds (60) managed by a computer system

suppliers of pultruded profiles

The polymerised gratings are collected by a computer-controlled handling system that places the panels in a temporary storage unit (during night shifts)

manufacturing safety handrails

The computer-controlled handling system then collects the panels and distributes them to the quality control department.

production of grating panels

All panels from the production process undergo rigorous quality control before they are put on the market.

manufacturer of FRP fencing

The finished grating panels with top coat treatment are placed on pallets, warehoused and ready to ship

production of vertical ladders

Ticomm & PROMACO, together with its branches outside Italy, always holds enough stock of products (gratings, profiles, industrial fencing, vertical ladders) in its warehouse to meet the needs of clients

manufacturer of gratings and profiles

The supply is not limited only to standard grating; ticomm & PROMACO also offers a bespoke cutting service and personalised manufacturing

In order to ensure the consistent quality of the products supplied, mechanical tests are carried out regularly to verify and confirm the characteristics of the product (gratings, profiles, industrial fencing, vertical ladders).

With a view to continually improving environmental performance and the health of our own personnel, the factory is equipped with efficient systems for VOC elimination and air treatment.

As well as making monolithic grating, ticomm & PROMACO manufactures grating and pultruded profile in various sections and resins.

As well as making monolithic gratings, ticomm & PROMACO manufactures profiles and pultruded grating in various sections and resins.

Our in-house technical office looks after design and planning, producing technical drawings and mounting instructions from simple handrail to complex structures

Products are prefabricated in our factory according to instructions and designs drawn up by our technical office or the client's specifications.

Depending on the location, we can carry out installations using our own personnel or have our products installed by outside companies (with the supervision of our technical experts if needed).