Production and installation of industrial resin floors

It has become mandatory to use industrial resin flooring in environments with a high and continuous footfall, and where a high volume of vehicles transport materials of varying weights, resulting in a great deal of wear and reducing the floor's durability.

Industrial resin flooring is often specified in industrial environments, where usual types of flooring are unsuitable for intensive use.

Apart from its durability, industrial resin flooring has practical advantages over concrete materials, it is always fully watertight and ensures resilience, and both electrical and magnetic insulation.

In addition to these properties it is also very hygienic, since resins prevent attacks by bacteria and moulds, making them ideal for use in sectors where it is necessary to work in sterile and aseptic environments, such as hospitals and clinics.

Thanks to research and technological development, industrial resin flooring has attained a considerable level of both practicality and appearance, so that resin flooring is now also successfully used in showrooms, shops and shopping centres, often imitating natural materials such as wood or cork.


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