EUROGRATE®, a Ticomm & Promaco brand, Europe's leading manufacturer of fibreglass gratings and pultruded profiles for over 30 years. Products manufactured in Italy and successfully exported throughout Europe.


MOULDED GRATINGSmore about GRP moulded gratings

Moulded gratings are composite products, suitable for use in any situation. They have many applications in various sectors, including chemicals, construction, railway, and water treatment. EUROGRATE® fibreglass moulded gratings are ideal for environments where there are corrosion problems and, depending on the customer's requirements, they are available in various resins, with many meshes and types of surface.


PULTRUDED GRATINGSMore about FRP pultruded gratings

Ticomm & Promaco has added EUROGRATE® pultruded gratings to its product range. These gratings are designed for applications which require mechanical resistances comparable with metal gratings, without however reducing the characteristics of corrosion resistance. They are available with self-extinguishing resins: orthophthalic, isophthalic, vinil ester, phenolic and acrylic. We also supply stair treads and fixing systems.


INDUSTRIAL FENCINGMore about industrial fencing

Fibreglass fencing is an excellent investment in a wide variety of sectors, from heavy industry to residential. The light weight, ease of installation and lack of maintenance (no need for earthing, painting etc.) are appreciated in both.



More about safety handrailsOut safety handrails are made in Italy using an exclusive pultrusion process (polymerisation of a profile pulled through a heated die) and contain up to 70% fibreglass, ensuring exceptional mechanical strength. The handrails are made of continuous directional glass fibres, giving them excellence resistance to impact and fatigue (overloading does not cause permanent deformations).



More about vertical ladders and industrial ladders and stairsThe intrinsic characteristics of the FRP material used to manufacture vertical ladders and the introduction of new manufacturing processes ensure that the ladders are used in many application sectors. They are available with resins (some of them self-extinguishing): isophthalic, vinil ester and acrylic. These profiles are used for: vertical ladders and industrial ladders and stairs.



More about pultruded profiles and self-supporting structuresTicomm & Promaco was one of the first companies in Europe to introduce pultruded structural profiles over 30 years ago. FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) pultruded profiles have various advantages: extraordinary rigidity, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and light weight. Designed by specialists in composite structures, pultruded profiles take into account all the properties required in a load-bearing profile or beam, such as longitudinal strength, shear resistance, flange flexural resistance and transversal strength.


STAIR TREADSMore about stair treads for industrial ladders

The need to protect personnel passing beneath stairways, has led to the creation of a new stair tread which prevents objects from falling down through the steps. Ticomm & Promaco has recently launched the new EUROTRED® step with a 19 x 19 mm mesh (compliant with French regulations for the prevention of falling objects) and high visibility yellow nosing.


STAIR TREAD COVERSMore about stair tread covers for industrial stairs

With its usual awareness of market requirements, Ticomm & Promaco has launched a new stair safety product. Suitable for covering stair treads made of any material (cement, metal, wood, etc.), the EUROSTEP® stair tread cover provides greater safety even after a severe spillage.


FLAT PANELSMore about GRP or fibreglass flat panels

Eurogrit® flat panels are available in a range of thicknesses (from 3 to 10 mm), depending on the intended use, and various sizes. They are available with slip resistant or smooth surfaces and are fixed with special fixings or adhesives.



More about safety edgesThe 70 x 40 mm Euro Safety Edge® is a cost-effective solution to slip problems on existing stairs. This safety edges is characterised by its bevelled shape, integrated permanent anti-slip surface and high visibility yellow colour. Fixing is quick and easy, using polyurethane adhesive or nuts and bolts.



ACCESSORIESmore about accessories for GRP grating

The EUROGRATE® range also includes stainless steel grating clips for fastening grates, pedestals in corrosion resistant polypropylene, and a finishing and cut protection kit made up of resin, a catalyst, a paintbrush and instructions.