Design and installation of resin grating and anti-slip grating

Thanks to their safety and ductility characteristics, resin grating and anti-slip grating are used for applications in many sectors of industry where full use can be made of all their distinctive features.

Some examples of applications for resin gratings are in factories where they are used as supports and walkways for workers, because their ergonomics and high insulating power ensure safety at work.

Resin grating is made of reinforced fibreglass with silicon grains applied to the surface, which gives it excellent anti-slip properties, even when oily and very slippery materials such as ice, industrial waxes, or fluids such as petrol or water are present.

Other applications for fibreglass grating panels include building walkways or covers for ditches and drains, due to their resistance to wear, water, damp, loading and corrosion.

Clearly, the type of grating must be chosen from the sizes, meshes and micromeshes available, using the one best suiting the intended purposes, in order to ensure that each resin grating is used in the best possible way.

Some meshes and micromeshes are designed for resistance to various types of load (average, fairly heavy, or heavy). Each mesh is approved and complies with the various European safety standards.


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