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more about GRP pultruded gratingsEUROGRATE® pultruded gratings are made of highly durable pultruded bars that are assembled mechanically and designed to be used in the same way as traditional gratings, with all the benefits of fibreglass. Pultruded gratings are the best solution for replacing aluminium and steel gratings in corrosive environments.


- Corrosion resistance and mechanical strength
EUROGRATE® pultruded gratings are manufactured using vinyl ester and isophthalic polyester resins with a synthetic protective surfacing veil. The high percentage of glass fibre in load-bearing bars provides a high strength to weight ratio and high longitudinal stiffness. Exceptional chemical resistance.

- Lightweight
With less than half the weight of steel gratings they are easy to handle without using heavy equipment, making it possible to achieve signicant energy savings.

- Fire retardant properties
EUROGRATE® pultruded gratings are made using fire retardant resin systems that meet the Class 1 (25 or less) flame spread ratings of ASTM E84 and the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D635.

- Maintenance free
Thanks to the inherent features of the material, pultruded gratings do not need scraping, sandblasting, or painting, making it possible to construct maintenance-free walkways.

- UV protection and Increased Safety
Eurograte® pultruded gratings are made using UV inhibitors included in the resin system together with a synthetic surfacing veil and hard-wearing permanent slip-resistant quartz top surface, protecting the product from any risk of falls and increasing its resistance to UV radiation.

- Thermal and electrical insulation
EUROGRATE® pultruded gratings are both electrically and thermally non-conductive, ensuring additional safety for those working on them, features that make them essential in many applications.

- Electromagnetic transparency
The characteristics of the material are transparent to radio waves and other electromagnetic frequencies, making them suitable for sensitive applications.


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The major types of resin are available: Orthophthalic (environmental corrosion), Isophthalic (moderate chemical corrosion), Vinil ester (severe chemical corrosion) and Phenolic (fire resistance).


Slip-resistant: safety
Smooth: food


- 914 x 6096 mm;
- 1220 x 6096 mm.