Design, manufacture and installation of FRP gratings

Eurograte FRP gratings can be adapted to meet every need and used for all types of industrial applications, because FRP gratings are more resistant to flexing and can bear a greater load than the usual plastic or metal gratings.

FRP stands for Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer, often simply referred to as fibreglass.

Depending on the desired resistance of the FRP gratings different types of fibreglass (E-glass or S-glass) can be used, since special chemical processes can be used to add esters and polymers or plasticisers in order to give a specified capacity to withstand both traction and high temperatures.

These treatments are possible because the of the truly exceptional versatility of applications for FRP, resulting in a product which combines flexibility and high durability, with specific intrinsic characteristics depending on the chemical and physical process used.

FRP gratings can be used in various ways, because the properties of fibreglass make it practically indestructible over time, self-extinguishing and resistant to industrial and weather corrosion.

FRP gratings are suitable for use in building, urban development and industry, where there is a need for gratings which can withstand impact, severe weather conditions, and most of all waste water, including water with a high chlorine content.


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