Installation of industrial stairs with grating stair treads

Eurograte pays particular attention to safety at work, which is why grating stair treads based on the same concept as pultruded gratings have been designed and patented.

Grating stair treads are suitable for both industrial and office buildings where any type of stairs have been specified and an extremely high safety level is required for the workforce.

Grating stair treads, available in various shapes and sizes, are easily used for any requirement and particularly suitable for any industrial environment, since they comply with French regulations (Decree 62-1028 of 12/08/1962) which prevent the risk of even very small objects falling to the ground.

The structure of grating stair treads is strengthened to carry any weight while the edges are bordered by a special high visibility yellow nosing and an integrated anti-slip system.

In addition to all these properties the stair treads are non-conductive, giving complete insulation so that, in the event of an electrical contact, they cause no further harm to those using or standing on the stairs. Their special formulation also gives them excellent slip resistance in all weather conditions or when viscous or acid substances are present.


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