Manufacture and installation of fibreglass grating

The composite materials which characterise fibreglass grating do not occur naturally and are therefore derived from a reaction between two different products, each with a specific chemical and physical characteristic.

The composite materials processed by Eurograte are hybrids, and are used with reinforcements such as fibreglass, leading to the terms FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), to which thermosetting polymeric resins are applied during the pultrusion process.

The most frequently used are polyester, epoxy and isophthalic resins.
Among the basic characteristics of fibreglass grating, its high resistance to chemicals and acids and excellent durability under any weather conditions are outstanding.

Fibreglass grating has been developed over Eurograte's many years of experience, to remedy the growing corrosion problem in traditional industrial structures.

When metals, and specifically steel, come into contact with toxic or very acid substances, even when they have high load resistance, they cannot withstand the attacks of chemical agents in the same way as fibreglass grating.


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