Design, manufacture and installation of anti-slip walkways

Anti-slip walkways are ideal where scaffolding and frames are used, or in places such as building sites, where structures are being built and may not be in their final state, but the workers still need a safe route from one part of the site to another.

Walkways are used as routes for both personnel and vehicles, either stationary or in motion, with significantly variable weights.

There are various types of anti-slip walkways, depending on whether grid structures or a covered surface are chosen, depending on the anticipated loads they are expected to carry, the length of the walkways and their intended purpose.

Walkways are often built using a pultruded profile, cut and mounted so as to form a firm, solid structure. These profiles replace all the components used in traditional structural steel work and building profiles, since they are much stronger than steel profiles.

Due to this, anti-slip walkways, as well as having intrinsic safety characteristics due to the use of special isophthalic resins (making them self-extinguishing and resistant to any chemical attack), are also available with silicon grains on their surface, to ensure optimum adherence in all weather conditions and when ice, oils and waxy substances are present.


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