industrial GRP fencing FRP fenceIndustrial fencing is an excellent investment in a wide variety of sectors, from heavy industry to residential. The light weight, ease of installation and lack of maintenance (no need for earthing, painting etc.) are appreciated in both.

The electronics sector makes particular use of it due to its requirement for materials with electrical insulation properties, while they are installed in the airport sector because they are guaranteed to be non-magnetic and radio-transparent.

applications for GRP industrial fenceThe fibreglass fencing (or GRP fencing) panels, like all our gratings, also have applications in areas where corrosion is present (e.g. the naval and offshore sectors) or to reduce fire risks (low smoke emissions).

Industrial fencing can also be supplied with FRP posts.
Fixing solutions:
1° - Fencing with fixing with steel plate (removable)
2° - Fencing with fixing with embedded formwork (removable)
3° - Fencing with fixing using direct cementing (fixed).

Fence 50x50 h 15
Industrial fencing with 50 x 50 h 15 mesh
Fence 100x50 h 28
Industrial fencing with 100 x 50 h 28 mesh
Fence 220x60 h 40
Industrial fencing with 220 x 60 h 40 mesh
Section Dimension Weight Colour Application
50 x 50 h 15 mm mesh 1220 x 1530 mm 5.8 kg/m2 green/grey Standard
100 x 50 h 28 mm mesh 1500 x 2000 mm 9.5 kg/m2 green/grey Standard
220 x 60 h 40 mm mesh 1550 x 2016 mm 9.0 kg/m2 green/grey On request



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