EUROGRATE® has served the European market for over 40 years, proving itself a reliable manufacturer and supplier of fibreglass products.

Drawing on this experience, EUROGRATE® is the only manufacturer in Europe capable of producing monolithic moulded fibreglass gratings on a large scale using a manufacturing process based on a fully-automated technology, TEKNOTEX.

TEKNOTEX® is the product of EUROGRATE® research and development.
It is a unique technology that ensures products with a high level of quality, in compliance with all the key European and USA safety standards (self-extinguishing, slip resistance, electrical insulation, radio-transparency and mechanical resistance).

EUROGRATE® products (fibreglass gratings, GRP fencing, fixed vertical ladders) are manufactured and tested in Italy at our production unit in Loreo (Rovigo), which was built to a high standard of sustainability and energy efficiency.

View photos of the manufacturing process at the production unit in Loreo (Rovigo - Italy).

View a video showing the services available at our factory.

Our former manufacturing process:
[+]Eurograte Gratings former manufacturing process still in use around the world but still in use in the rest of the world

[+]Eurograte Gratings production unit for gratings, profiles, fencing and ladders in Italy

Our present manufacturing process:
[+]Eurograte Gratings unique new manufacturing process Eurograte Teknotex: Our unique automated technology


[+]Eurograte Gratings with the colours of the Italian flag