TEST CENTRE: offering product quality and performance

EUROGRATE® is the European manufacturer with over 40 years' experience in the fibreglass market. The credibility we have built up over time has been based from the outset on the key principle of offering our customers an extremely high quality product and service.

To do this, EUROGRATE® has established its own Test Centre in its production unit in Loreo (Rovigo, Italy), to improve and optimize its internal manufacturing and also as a place for practical product demonstrations.

As well as providing customers with detailed information about the quality of the products to be made for the projects requested, the EUROGRATE® Test Centre can use the certified instrumentation it has available to:

  • monitor and test the quality of automated production;
  • measure the performance of the raw materials used;
  • compare the quality of EUROGRATE® with market alternatives;
  • launch innovation projects where product tecnicalities are requested.

The reliability and experience of EUROGRATE® is thus shown not only by its approvals and over 40 years as a worldwide supplier; it can now also be seen and measured directly at the Test Centre

If you have projects involving the evaluation and specification of a fibreglass grating, EUROGRATE® is definitely a reliable partner that you can ask for support. Contact us NOW!!