Eurograte the leading company in Europe for over 40 years
[+]The location of Eurograte Gratings sites in Europe
For over 40 years, the EUROGRATE® division has been manufacturing gratings, profiles, access ladders, fibreglass fencing, handrails and designing bespoke self-supporting structures. It also offers a range of safety products.

This has enabled it to become Europe's leading manufacturer of moulded and pultruded gratings and fibreglass profiles.

In addition to its production site in Italy, EUROGRATE® has a sales office in Gorgonzola, near Milan in Italy. As well as working with various foreign distributors, it sells abroad through its own offices in Spain, Germany, Denmark and France:

  • Eurograte Rejillas España S.L.U. in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona - Spain
  • Eurograte Gitterroste GmbH in Neues Büro, in Bensheim - Germany
  • Eurograte Caillebotis France (C.P.F. - Caillebotis Polyester Français) in Rue du Chapitre, Brindas - France
  • Eurograte Riste Nordic ApS in Søndergade 113, Vejen - Denmark

EUROGRATE® has its production unit at Loreo (Rovigo) in Italy. Its size, innovative patented production technology and environmental standards are unique in Europe.

Its production unit covers a total 19,400 m2, of which 6,100 m2 for manufacturing, warehouses and offices.

EUROGRATE® is outstanding in Europe due to the quality of its products, its high service standards, the many certifications it has obtained and its compliance with local and European regulations.

Ticomm & Promaco, which has been active in many industrial sectors for over 40 years, is now a reliable partner that, in addition to EUROGRATE® products, can offer innovative solutions in all environments where there are problems with corrosion and/or transporting aggressive fluids.
Find out about 40 years of growth at the Ticomm & Promaco Group.

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Eurograte Scandinavia
[+]Eurograte gratings, profiles and fencing office in Scandinavia
Eurograte Spain
[+]Eurograte gratings, profiles and fencing office in Spain
Eurograte Germany
[+]Eurograte gratings, profiles and fencing office in Germany
C.P.F. France
[+]Eurograte gratings, profiles and fencing office in France