In addition to quality factors in terms of performance and service, manufacturing EUROGRATE® products at the Loreo (Rovigo - Italy) site also guarantees an increasingly significant aspect of the global industrial landscape: sustainability.


EUROGRATE® management has structured production to comply with and exceed environmental protection requirements.

EUROGRATE® has recently invested in updating its manufacturing system, significantly improving energy consumption parameters and promoting the use of solar and other natural energy sources.

EUROGRATE® Made in Italy products are thus an eco-efficient choice, because they are made and traced to sustainability standards and because for customers in Europe, they represent a purchase with a reduced environmental impact. Closeness to Customers is one of the sustainability factors that EUROGRATE® provides in terms of CO2 reduction, particularly when compared with products linked to manufacturing outside the EU.

The data shared below by EUROGRATE® shows how much has been done proactively to protect the surrounding environment. At the same time Eurograte® is aware that this is not enough and is therefore confirming its commitment to continue and constantly increase its  environmental parameters in accordance with its role as a manufacturer and current regulatory requirements.

From its installation until June 2022, EUROGRATE® has generated 1,500 Mwh of solar electricity. This energy has enabled the company to be of real benefit to the environment, in a way equivalent to the parameters set out below and we know that we’ll continue to do more.

View photos of the production process at the Loreo plant (Rovigo - Italy).

Eurograte Grating Sustainability: GRP products
Energy savings of 143.34 trees saved thanks to the production of Eurograte Grating

143.34 Trees

Energy saving for 165.64 energy needs balances for 4 people thanks to the production of Eurograte Grating

165.64 Balances

energy balances for 4 people
Energy saving of 899.84 barrels of oil saved thanks to the production of Eurograte Grating

899.84 Barrels

Oil saved
Energy saving of 1.04 kT of CO2 avoided thanks to the production of Eurograte Grating

1.04 kT CO2


Note: environmental equivalence data calculated from 2016 until June 2022