"Over the years since we started producing composites in 1979 we have found that fibreglass gratings and pultruded profiles are used in an increasingly wide varety of applications, leading us to expect consistent growth in the worldwide market.
We can now prove that the lifecycle cost of our products is becoming more and more competitive in comparison with traditional materials.
That is why our company is placing an ever-greater emphasis on investments, innovation and training, using all our professionalism and experience to supply products that guarantee quality, safety and durability."

G. Tantardini, Founder & Ceo - EUROGRATE® - Ticomm & Promaco Group

It is our mission at  EUROGRATE®  always to offer the best product and service, with quality in the centre.
Choosing EUROGRATE® products and services means:

  • Benefit from the specialist experience of the leading manufacturer of fibreglass gratings and profiles. EUROGRATE® is the largest manufacturer in Europe;
  • Have a range of products at your disposal that provide lasting performance and have the required technical characteristics;
  • Have a competent, trustworthy partner that supports customers in making choices that guarantee the lifetime of the product;
  • Be certain that it will comply with current legislation and regulations;
  • Unique patented manufacturing process: Teknotex is the  EUROGRATE®  technology for creating quality fibreglass products, quickly and systematically, using a unique mix of resin and glass fibre.
  • Use European materials;
  • Protect workers and the environment, in compliance with Italian and European standards.

It’s good to know that:

  • The quality of fibreglass gratings and profiles can only be established by using specific tests;
  • Quality is not only a matter of appearance, total quality lies above all in the raw materials used and the production technique;
  • Only quality fibreglass gratings and profiles guarantee the benefit of technical compliance and durability.