Eurograte at the Expo Ferroviaria rail technology exhibition

EUROGRATE®, a brand of the Ticomm & Promaco S.r.l. group, Europe's leading manufacturer of GRP gratings and pultruded profiles, can meet the requirements of its customers, particularly in complex industrial settings with a high level of corrosion.

Photo of the Eurograte stand at the EXPO Ferroviaria fairThe usual metal gratings do not have suitable characteristics for these types of environment: in addition to initial difficulties with installation, cutting and assembly, corrosion causes them to wear out over time, resulting in a need for their maintenance and replacement.

EUROGRATE® fibreglass gratings, on the other hand, thanks to their corrosion resistant characteristics, anti-slip surface, light weight and lack of maintenance, can handle any environment, guaranteeing durability over time, since their mechanical properties are not reduced and, still more importantly, safety at work is ensured.

In this way, Ticomm & Promaco, thanks to its extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, joins innovation with research, providing not only an excellent product, but also a practical and efficient consultancy for all the needs of individual clients.

EUROGRATE® gratings, all legally certified, are used for various applications including those in the paper, food, construction, electrical and mechanical sectors, as well as for railways and airports.

That is why the company took part in the EXPO Ferroviaria, the only rail technology exhibition in Italy, held from 3 to 5 October 2017 at the Rho Fiera in Rho (Milan).

Ticomm & Promaco S.r.l. met its customers in Stand 482, where all its latest innovations were on show, together with the main products it manufactures, which have made it a key player in the composite materials sector.

The EXPO Ferroviaria exhibition includes over three hundred exhibitors from all over the world, who work on rolling technologies and the renewal of railway infrastructures, as well as services, communications and signage.

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